Computer, fuel or something else

i have recently been having problems with my truck and cannot determine what might be wrong. It started dying with no warning at all. I have tried the following: replacing the battery connections , checking all fluid levels, checking fuses on inside drivers side dash, and ignition.

I am still having problems with it dying, however, I have noticed when I try to start it again the gas gauge does not register or work and I sometimes get a msg on the odometer saying “no bus”.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

does it have a distributer or coil packs?

Its a 1999 durango 4x4 fuel injected. v8 5.9 liter

When was your last air filter change, oil and filter? How many miles on your Dodge?

When it dies, do the lights on the instruments go out? Do the instruments malfunction?

Auto or manual transmission?

I think you have some good clues to the trouble with the fuel gauge and NO BUS warning. It sounds to me there is a power problem somewhere. It may be due to a faulty relay or bad connection. If you are going to work on this I suggest you invest in a service manual (perferably a factory manual) and at least a test light probe to check power with. I would check out the how the fuel gauge gets power and see which fuse circuit supplies the power to it. See what else is tied to it and if they are having trouble also. The NO BUS warning may mean a problem with the PCM or BCM modules. I would suspect the same power issue as the gauge as the cause. The fuel gauge circuit may run through the BCM but I’m not sure. Even paying 130 dollars for a service manual would be cheap to me if it helped fix this problem. You can bet a shop would get a lot more than that to find and fix this trouble.