Fuel line popped off of fuel pump 2001 mazda b3000

Hi everyone, so i went to start my truck the other day and was squirting gas all over the yard. One of the two small lines popped off of where the fuel pump runs into the gas tank. It was held on with a zip tie, and I’m hoping I can just buy a new clip possibly, but I’ve read that I may need to replace the entire line. Any suggestions? And any clue why it may have popped off possibly? It’s been showing an evap control code off and on for a few weeks now.

Sounds like a previous owner made an emergency repair at some point.

If the engine started and was running while the fuel was squirting from the line it is very likely that the low pressure retrun from the pressure regulator is the source of the leak. If you are able to see the leaking connection compare the 2 metal lines exiting the fuel tank pump housing. The larger line carries high pressure to the engine and the smaller line is the low pressure return. If it’s the low pressure connection and you can reach it install a hose clamp to secure the connection and hose off excess fuel you can attempt to start the engine and watch for leaks. If the engine does start I suggest you immediately move the truck away from the area where fuel is spilled and have a good ABC fire extenguisher handy just in case there are any surprises.

The big clue here is,