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Fuel injectors

i have a 1996 buick regal with the 3.8L engine. i need to know the factory readings for the ohms reading for the fuel injectors it has 103,000 miles

Try Autozone’s website - if you set up a login (easy & non intrusive) you can put your car info in & get access to an online repair manual. It is bare bones stuff but the specs might be in there. The other thing to do is splurge the $20 for a Haynes or Chilton’s.

just to let you know the specs are not on there. but thanks anyways though

What would be the purpose of the information? A noid light will tell you if the injector is working or not. The only thing after that would be the mechanical spray pattern. They are just switches-on or off with pressurinzed fuel.

He might need the resistance value if he is planning on installing a different set of injectors. Typically, injectors have either a high or a low value. Trying to use the wrong one will cause either a check engine light on the dash, or damage to the engine and/or the computer.


Not quite - a noid light will only tell you that the injector is getting power and a ground signal from the ECM. Typically noids are very low impedence and are not fullproof.

If an injector is out of impedence tolerance it may not trigger. If an injector is short circuit it will channel the feed voltage straight into the ECM ground trigger circuit and can wreck the ECM.