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Fuel injector service for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I got my car serviced at 30000 miles the dealer said I should get a fuel injector service at a cost of $160 is that nesasiry or will a can of good quality injector do the same thing? I asked if it would save me $160 IN FUEL AND DID NOT GET AN ANSWER what should I do?

It will not save you $160 in fuel. The purpose is vehicle maintenance. It’s like an insurance policy. If you don’t do it there’s a much higher chance that you will have fuel system problems that will cost in the thousands. If you do it, it will not guarantee that you will not ever have problems, but preventive maintenance plays a large role in preventing.

Ignore the service writer unless you are having drivability issues. You probably do not even need the gas additive, but it won’t hurt. What IS recommended by many of us on this site is to only use gas that is TopTier certified.

Unless you have evidence of injector issues manifested be poor drivability, you don’t need an injector cleaning or, for that matter, anything in the gas tank other than clean, fresh, gasoline.

a good quality can of fuel injector once a month will not take the place of injector service? PROBLEMS WITH THE INJECTORS is not an issue I have a life time warenty

I think this answers your question: [quote=“garland, post:5, topic:135636”]

Many newer vehicles including engines in 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee have direct injection. Cleaning these systems are more recommended than with other systems. When a dealership or auto shop cleans the fuel system, a special system is used and does a much better job than dump in cleaners. I wouldn’t disagree with someone who used the thorough cleaning method, but to be honest, if it were my direct injection, I would just use top tier gas and use a dump in a few times a year.