Fuel Injectors Leaking

2007 Matrix automatic 46K - intermittent fuel leak around injectors and rail. Happened once last fall, then last Tues. Puddles of gas on top of engine. Today my mechanic flushed injectors and but it happened again as he hooked the fuel line back up. Can’t determine if it is a specific injector or exactly where fuel is leaking. Any ideas of where or why? Thank you.

One thing for sure, “flushing” the injectors is not going to fix it…

You need to find someone who can find the leak, as Caddyman said, flushing’s not the cure. Gas leaks are a BAD thing, fires follow. May be necessary to go to the dealer.

Well, flushing the injectors or even the entire fuel system is not going to cure a leak no matter what.

While the car is a bit newish and low miles for a problem like this about all it can be is an injector or fuel rail leak.
These are all sealed with rubber O-rings and should be replaced as a set in their entirety.

It’s at least possible that a harsh additive or maybe even the type of gasoline could have affected the O-rings and caused this problem. Maybe even an inadvertent nick in an O-ring if someone has been into the fuel rail before for whatever reason.
As texases mentioned, this is a potential fire waiting to happen.

Flushing will accomplish nothing so I don’t understand the logic behind doing that.

The leak could be either an injector or fuel rail seal or possibly even an injector itself.
The injectors and rail can be sealed with new O-rings if that is found to be the problem.

As to why it’s leaking maybe a harsh additive, something in the gasoline, or even someone having been into the fuel rail before and inadvertently nicking an O-ring, or banging into an injector body a bit roughly could be behind this problem.

Texases is right; this is a fire hazard.

Thank you for your comments. The dealer had recommended injector and induction service when I had the oil changed 2 months ago so I thought that may be why I was having a problem.

I left my car with my mechanic (dealer said this was not covered under the 60K Power Train Warranty) and he was finally able to visibly see gas gushing from the dampener on the fuel rail. He will replace the whole fuel rail as the dampener was not available alone. I understand there is a diaphragm in the dampener that may be bad.

Do not know why it happened. I have not used additives and I think I’m getting decent gasoline. Unless the dealer went into the injector area, no one has had the cover off before.

Again, Thank you all for your responses.

Yes, there is a rubber diaphragm in there and it’s extremely odd that this would fail on an '07 model car with only 46k miles on it.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but as a mechanic I’ve devoted a bit of my time for free and after hours to try and determine why something failed. Not knowing irritates me to no end so you might ask your mechanic if he can determine what caused this premature failure.

You might consider contacting the Toyota regional office and asking politely if they could consider doing a Good Will warranty on this. The worst that can happen is that they will say no. There’s at least a possibility they could step in and reimburse you completely or partially on this.

(And please excuse my double post. The PC locked up and I assumed the first post had disappeared into outer space.)

A leaking fuel damper is actually not uncommon on Toyotas (not that it’s common, either). Google it, you’ll find out more. I remember this from some previous post, either here or elsewhere. Also, at least some of the dampers are available separate from the fuel rail, check into it, it might save you $$.