Fuel Injector Cleaner


I have used fuel injector cleaner periodically and always that it was benefical, but is it really??

How often does it really need to be used?



All gasoline sold today has sufficient cleaner in it to take care of any normal engine needs. Unless you are experiencing specific problems, it is unlikely you are benefiting from the cleaner. On the other hand it is not expensive and you likely are not experiencing any harm other than the cost if you do use it.


There is no point in giving medicine to a healthy patient but some people insist on taking it anyway. You may now stop with your periodic treatments of fuel injector cleaner, stop completely. But if it makes you feel better to add some occasionally, go right ahead. You are doing no harm.


Stop using it for 3000 miles and note any change in performance/gas mileage. I doubt there will be any difference.


Howdy, i use sea foram as i find it works best in our cars trucks and vans. I keep a millage log to see how the performance is going an add a can to the 8 gallions of gas once a year. For $7 a can it sure makes my vechciles run well.