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Fuel Induction Service/ Evap Vanister Valve

The service department I use recommended that I get a fuel induction service done on my 2015 Rogue Select. They also recommended an evap canister vent valve. I have issues with hesitate occasionally, but this morning I struggled to get to 30-40 mph with horrible hesitation and stuttering. My question is - Should I get both done, or will the fuel injection service alone resolve the issue? The evap valve is twice the cost of the fuel service, so if I can put that off, it would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Is your check engine light on?

It goes off and on…not on currently.

I would get the service Nissan recommands according to the maintenance schedule…the one that came with your owners manual.Dealers make money by adding services that are not needed.

I would normally take that advice, except that the car isn’t running well, sadly.

I guess you have to make a choice. 1 - let the shop do what they think is needed to solve the poor performance . 2 - Ask if you can do just part of it and see what happens ( they may not put any warranty of their work that way ) . 3 - Get a second opinion at a different shop.

5-years old Nissan, likely all warranties are gone… mileage is not known too…

my worry would be if that stuttering and hesitation comes from the engine or transmission, as the second one is much, much more expensive problem to have, and Nissan’s reliability on transmission is probably the industry standard on how bad you can get

I would get a second opinion from non-dealer shop, preferably not a chain one, but a known/trusted independent mechanic and go from there

Still has a warranty for another 90k miles, and I have an extended warranty. Sadly neither will cover the repairs that the dealership cited. I’ll take it for a second opinion, for sure. Thank you!

Are you sure it has 90000 miles left ? Also have you read that extended warranty for what it actually covers ?

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Yes and yes.

Could a failed evap vent valve cause a vacuum in the gas tank to form when the engine runs which would prevent gasoline from moving from the tank to the engine? Anybody here know?

Usually for poor engine perfmorance you wouldn’t start w/an induction cleaning service. You’s want to first do the necessary testing to confirm what the cause is. Does your engine use direct injection technology?