Fuel indication circuit

My home is a 1981 Chevy motor home built on a 1 ton chevy van chassis. I do not know how many people have owned this, but I do have several toggle switches hanging from under the dash. My question is how do I troubleshoot my fuel guage? I cannot find diagrams, and my friends all are house dwellers. I have dual tanks, my guage is always pegged at over the full line, and does not change with switching the tanks. I really need to know how the circuit flows, and where components are, please help me as every time i run out of gas I get a ride to the gas station from the police and the back seats are hurting my extremities.

The best info you can get will be the factory service manual from GM. You should be able to order a manual or check Ebay for one. You should at least get the wiring manual if it is seperate from the mechanical manual.

I think there were problems with the gauges during those years possibly. The trouble may be due to a bad voltage regulator for the gauge since you say it is always pegged but the trouble may be with the sensor or the wiring to it possibly. The operation is fairly simple and you should be able to find lots of information about the operation doing a web search.