Fuel guage not working

I have a 91 lumina 3.1 gas guage isnt working. I replaced sending unit already and nothing. The E sits at about 9 oclock while the needle is at about 7

oclock. If i move the needle by hand it just falls back down to 6 oclock. If i move it a little past full it falls down to the opposite side. Where do i go from here any advice?

I am not a mechanic but it sounds like the sending unit wasn’t the problem. Unless the new unit is bad that means either the gauge is bad or the wiring in between. There are YouTube vids that will show you how to test the gauge and if it works you know it’s probably a wiring problem.

I think the gauge itself is broken. The needle should not flop around like that. You won’t likely find a new instrument cluster for a 31 year old car. An internet search might find a company that can repair it, or videos showing you how to repair it. Good luck.

Gm back in that era was famous for faulty stepper motors that run the indicators . That one is probably bad .

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My 1998 truck 1500 fuel gauge did not work when I bought it used. Later the fuel pump went out and I found a wire that runs to the fuel pump disconnected so I connected it back and my fuel gauge. started working. Hope this helps.