Unreliable fuel gauge after fuel leak

A few months ago I my car started leaking gas. To fix the leaking hose, the mechanic dropped the gas tank down. (They said it looked like I had hit something that jarred the hose.) Since then, the fuel gauge has not worked properly. I have taken it back five times. They can get the gauge to register the proper fuel amount by taking the sending unit apart, but it will not work on its own. It does different things after each visit, such as not going down, not going up, getting stuck in the middle. After the last time they “fixed” it, the needle would not go below 1/2 tank, though it should have been below 1/4 tank based on how much gas I put in it. Then it took 2 days for the needle to go up to the “full” line on the gauge. They replaced the sending unit a few visits ago. I have an appt next week to take it back again, but I don’t think they have any ideas on what to do. Any ideas of what the problem might be?