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Gauges spinning wildly

I have a 2003 dodge mini van. The dashboard gauges will spin wildly at times while driving, {interstate sped} It will seem to lose some power at that point. After a while, things return to normal but it will happen again,When it returns to normal trip odometer resets itself. All gauges will light up then at other time all the instrunentatio panel will be blank.

Sounds like a problem with the BCM (body control module), or a loose wire connection somewhere.

When you say “all gauges will light up” do you really mean all the warning lights will light up? If so, there may be a fault in the ignition switch or in the power lead to it. The trouble may also be with power connection to the BCM. I suspect the trouble is due to a bad connection to power somewhere between the battery and gauges. The trouble may be in the BCM as Americar suggested but hopefully not. That would cost you.