Fuel Gage Failure & Backwash

I own a 1996 Chrysler Sebring JXI convertible. I’ve had the car for 4yrs, a gift from my father after college. The car has been great, but its starting to show its age. My fuel gage does not work and every time I put gas I go through an elaborate process to fill up. The issue lies in that my gas is rejected and the backwash is spilled. I have to stop every 3to4 seconds and let the pressure vent so I don’t get any backwash from the pump. I use to be able to force the fuel pump tight to the gas and fill up with a couple of stops

I’ve researched and found several explanation of the issue.
1.) something to do with the fuel vent hose
2.) Per a mechanic, a valve spring wore out in the hose to the fuel tank.
3.) Maybe the fuel pump needs replacement.
All three sound expensive and before I decided to pull down the tank any suggestions? If this can be a cheap fix I’d consider passing this car to my sisters.


As a safety feature, cars have been equipped with anti-spill roll-over check valves for some time…Yours may also have a vapor collection system to capture fueling vapors as the tank is filled…A failure of either one will make refueling very difficult…You can use the search feature of this board to locate the MANY threads on this subject that have been posted…Try “slow fill” in the search box…

If it’s that check ball that’s stuck (they get that way from overfilling the tank which leaves them submerged in gasoline) you can sometimes free them by inserting a flexible rod down the filler neck which will sometimes dislodge the stuck check-ball…One of those fiber-glass bicycle flag whips works good, something like that…Failing that, sometimes you just have to remove the filler neck, which is usually not THAT big a job…