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Camry fuel filter?

06 Camry owners manual mentions a fuel filter as part of the fuel system but doesn’t say where it is or how often to change it. The maintenance booklet is similarly mute on the subject.

Where is the fuel filter located??

this web site …in tank fuel filter

Try a Haynes manual. You should have a line filter, and I seem to recall it being under the hood.

The filter is in the tank. Non servicable.

Starting in 05 Toyota seems to have done away with the in-line filters. They seem to be using this back-flush filter that’s in the tank as part of the pump. I’m NOT happy about that design…If there’s any junk in the gas…it’s NEVER removed.

I stand corrected. And bummed. I agree that I’d much prefer a line filter.

Most modern fuel systems are a single line system with no bypass. These systems use an in tank filter that only filters fuel at the rate the engine is burning it. This significantly reduces the filter requirements compared to the older style, by-pass systems.

In my opinion it?s a better design:

  • Fewer parts and only one fuel line
  • One less service item to deal with for the customer
  • Increased fuel system reliability
  • Reduced electrical load

Our Chrysler minivan has 200k on it, and the filter has never been changed and we have never had any fuel system problems.