Fuel filter and millage


By keeping a new or clean fuel filter help millage or suck up more gas?


On any computer controlled car since the early '80s it will make no difference until the filter is so clogged that the engine is starved for fuel


Help milage. But the real reason is to keep the fuel pump from working so hard, which lengthens its life.


It will have no measurable effect on mileage. A dirty filter will reduce mileage, but by so little you could not measure it. However it can wear/damage the fuel pump and that can cost you a few $$$


No effect on mileage. A badly clogged fuel filter will make the car drive poorly, but a mildly dirty fuel filter will have no discernible effects, either on the engine or in fuel economy. A new or clean fuel does not suck up more gas than the engine needs.


1 thing I always keep in my truck is a fresh, new fuel filter for when the occasion arises. Diesel is a bit different than gas, but my mileage goes to pot on a bad fuel filter in a hurry. I don’t know why, just that it does.

There’s 2 signs in a diesel that a filter needs changed: Step on it and now power = air filter Fuel milage drops about 4 mpg unexplained = fuel filter.

On my Fords, I changed fuel filters about every 15,000 miles, with the Dodge Cummins, I change it every oil change or about 6000 miles.