Fuel filler neck on 04 corolla

my check engine light came on and when i took it to the dealer,they said it was the fuel filler neck, that it was rusty and not holding pressure,but a couple of fellers look at it and don’t see anything wrong.anywhere i can take this and check it out, i have the old one. i know another mechanic won’t want to get involved. what else can i do? it cost $614.00

What code did you come up with?hopefully something related to the evap. system.Inquire with a mechanic about a “smoke test”.

They MAY not be right in their diagnosis.

My '04 Matrix (basically the same vehicle) fuel filler pipe has a rust build up right at the top where the cap screws on.

So far it is sealing.

You may want to attempt to remove some of the rust (stuff a rag in the pipe to below the rust (attach a thin wire to the rag or tie off a string so you don’t lose it into the bottom of the pipe).

Use compressed air to blow away the loosened rust and change the rubber seal and/or buy a new cap.

If the filler pipe has rusted through, you can remove the pipe by removing the two hose clamps on each end and replace the pipe. I can’t see the cost of $614 though.