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Re:Catalytic Converter

Thank you to those who responded to my problem,first i wouldlike tosay i did not intend my comment about BG product as a negative, I wanted to stress that I only usd the best,anyway reviewing your comments ya’ll convinced me to stop guessing take it to someone i can trust,turns out it was the plastic fuel filter piece inside the gas tank was cracked,but 1300$at Christmas hurts,but could have been worse if i continued to procrastinate,Thank you,

Ouch. Glad you found the problem. Happy driving!

I’m not familiar with what the repair is that needs to be made. But $1300? Something doesn’t sound right about that - at all.

I’m guessing perhaps the OP meant the fuel filler (not filter) neck was cracked and leaking gas, hence the gas smell that the mechanic assumed was coming from the exhaust and assumed a bad cat.

Many newer vehicles have the fuel filter inside the tank, and it is considered a lifetime item unless you replace the fuel pump. That may be why the cost is so high: the part is integral with the fuel pump. A filler neck is a lot easier to replace. I recently replaced the one in my Dakota in about 15 minutes using just a screwdriver. Cost was about $60.

I get that it might involve dropping a fuel tank or even a new fuel tank. But I’m having trouble getting to $1300. Of course, I only vaguely remember to initial post about problems - which probably said what kind of vehicle this is…but even so…

I have to agree with you there @cigroller. That price tag is hard to understand.