Fuel economy oil

what is the fuel economy oil for mitsubishi chariot grandis 98, petrol in tropical country?.. do you have manual for mitsubishi chariot grandis 98?

jeff; I would forget about “fuel economy oil” if I were you. A 1998 car with a lot of miles on it is not going to benefit from thin oil to try to get an extra few miles per gallon.

It will likely start using a lot of oil, if it does not do this already. You should concentrate on minimizing oil consumption. I had a 1998 Toyota Corona in Malaysia, which has a similar climate to the Philippines. We used either 15W40 or 20W50 for those engines. Mine had slight oil consumption. I would guess that a 10W40 or 15W40 might be the best choice for you.

I’m with Doc. Compromising your engine’s lifeblood in an extreme climate in order to gain some tiny mileage improvement (unlikely to obtain anyway) is folly. Especially on a vehicle of advancing age.

Realize that if the oil is of sufficent viscosity to perform its function, it does not create fricion, it prevents it. It does this by suspending critical bearing surfaces on a pressurized film of oil. If it’s too thin to do this properly the surfaces can touch and friction goes up.

Doc’s suggestions for oil sound good to me.