5w30 to 10w40

My oil was 5w30 before then my engine drained it for 2months only, my car is Mitsubishi Chariot 98. After that, I just changed to Castrol Magnatec 10w40. Is it compatible with myh car? I live in tropical cuntry, Philippines…

I don’t see a problem with 10W-40 in a tropical climate. What is the problem with 5W-30? Are you burning too much oil? If so, the heavier oil will help only a bit. You may notice a bit less fuel economy with the 10W-40.

tnx for the reply… yes, when i used 5w30, it burns too much, my engine technician told me that the oil 5w30 is not good, maybe because of the brand, becaused i used the brand of honda 5w30. but there is no problem with my engine… is that true?

I read some of your other posts. You have a car you recently purchased used, you have no knowledge of how it was maintained, and it 12 years old with over 130K miles. The weight of the oil you use is a minor point. Changing to 10W-40 oil isn’t a magic elixer that will make it all better.

You are burning oil. This could be lots of things. Worn piston rings, old valve guide seals, even a bad PCV value, all contribute to burning oil. Changing the PCV valve is easy and relatively cheap, a good place to start. Using the heavier weight oil may help, but won’t eliminate the burning of oil. If you use a quart every 2,000 miles then just live with it.

Replacing the piston rings means a tear down of the engine, which is not going to be cost effective on such an old car. Bad valve guides can be replaced with a new head or rebuilding the current head. This isn’t nearly as bad as replacing the rings. A compression check can help determine if the problem is with the rings or valve guides.

So, replace the PCV valve, and get a compression check on each cylinder. Run the 10W-40 oil for a few thousand miles and see how much oil you use. Topping off the oil every 2,000 miles isn’t too expensive. If you are using a quart every 500 miles or less then you have an problem that needs fixing soon.