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Fuel economy chips

Do the advertised economy fuel chips really work? The ads sound great, but I’m not sure. I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra, 5.7. Thanks

They work very well for the companies that sell them to the naive and unsuspecting folks who waste their money on them. Don’t be one of those naive and unsuspecting folks.

@pinedalepaul are you a consumer reports subscriber? If you are, you can read their articles on fuel improvement devices. In short, they actually test them, and they don’t do squat. All they do is make the companies selling them rich, as @VDCdriver already stated.

Yep, they’re scams. Think about it - if it was that simple, why wouldn’t the makers do it?

Proper tire inflation,driving carefully is about all you can do to improve the fuel economy of the Tundra(chip wont help-a diesel engine or smaller vehicle will)-Kevin

Scam. Bogus product. The only thing they do well is take money from your bank account and put it in someone elses.

Continuing along with texases’ statement, since all automakers want to be able to report the highest possible fuel economy figures, if achieving better gas mileage was possible with different computer chips, they would do it. To assume that somebody working in his basement has technical expertise superior to that of the major automakers is just…wishful thinking.