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Want to Improve Fuel Economy for 99 Jeep Cherokee


I have a 99 Cherokee 4.0 6 cyl and I’d like to improve my fuel economy (don’t we all). The winter is bad, I don’t get much above 17 mpg on the highway but I can get just about 20 mpg in summer.

I came across a product on-line called “the Ultimate Performance Chip” from a company called SLR Motorsports. It sounds like a computer chip that you plug into the on-board computer. They make a blanket claim they can get 3 to 6 mpg improvement and up to 50 hp. They had a page of testimonials and they all sounded the same, “this chip is great, it really improved my cars performance” but no real specific details.

I have heard you can get computer chips that improve performance but this sounds to good to be true for $69 plus S&H.

Anybody have any experience with this or any other proven tips for improving mileage for a JEEP?


Dennis B

The chips are bogus. The only thing you can really do to improve mileage is to keep the Jeep tuned up, the scheduled maintenance done and to keep the tires properly inflated. Stay away from additives, pills, potions and computer chips.

I think all you are doing is wasting $69 plus the S & H. Suppose this chip did raise your mileage by 5 mpg. You would still do a lot of driving to pay for the chip. The testimonials are probably fake anyway.
You are driving an 11 year old vehicle. The mileage you are getting is normal for this vehicle. Gasoline is one of the smaller costs of operating a vehicle. Depreciation, insurance, interest on the loan if the vehicle was financed are the real expenses.

You’re right, too good to be true. If those gains were a $5 chip away (I’m being generous here), don’t you think Jeep would do it? Of course they would!

Can you tune an engine for better power? Yes, with a dyno and sophisticated software, and an hour of expensive dyno time. Not a $69 ‘chip’.

A sure way to tell it’s a scam - they list chips for EVERY car made, Aveos to Bentleys! Do you know what it would take to actually create something for each and every car out there? NOT POSSIBLE!