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Frozen rear breaks

I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze manual transmission that has been sitting in the garage for several months with a dead battery. After installing a new one the rear breaks are locked/froze.
Car was operating fine before this.

How are the rear brakes ?

Brakes are probably rusted tight. You can be foolish like me and trust the trans wont break and bust them free, or get it towed to a shop let them bust them off and resurface. It took quite a few miles but the craziness in the brake feel like warped rotors finally took care of itself.

Everything was working fine before car was parked in the garage over winter

Everything was working fine before car was
Parked in garage before winter

Rust happens the most when things aren’t moving. You didn’t have the parking brake on did you? I suspect a couple of good jerks would free them up though.


Not sure I would want these guys working on my brakes.


If they don’t break free trying to drive forward and back on clean pavement, it’s hammer time if you’re into DIY or call a repair shop if you’re not.

Disc or drums back there?

Sounds like your Brakes… decided to Break…

See if you can free them up using the E brake and trying to move the vehicle under power… they may pop free.

Otherwise you will need to repair the Break within the rear Brake system… You are aware that the rear wheels can be removed and the Brakes can be looked into? Right?

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I understand that Miss Carolyn has required the guilty poster to post “brakes are for stopping breaks are for fun” 1 thousand times on his facebook page so we can move on to the next victim now.


Back to 4th grade huh. A thousand is a lot. I only had to write 500 times. I’d still be writing if it wasn’t for my sister helping to forge the documents. Miss Head was her name. Ya ha ha ha ha.

Thank you for your suggestions… I also called a friend and was told the same things. My grandson had left the parking break on so hopefully will be able to free up the rust problem.
Now just gotta get him out there to work on it cause grandma is getting a bit rusty herself to do it.

Check for play in the e brake cable, could be hung up by rust etc,

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If the parking brake cable is frozen with rust try pumping and releasing the parking brake pedal while holding the release handle out to the released position.