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Frozen head light switch

I have a 1996 Dodge Dakota pickup.

It has about 140,000 mi on it. The only problem I have is

In the winter when the tempature is freezing whenever I start the engine and

Pull on the headlights, they won’t come on until the truck warms up. This

Usually takes about 15 min or so. I tried once to drive early in the morning to see if

The jarring from the dirt road I live on would shake a loose connection (no luck, I had to stop at the end of a very long driveway and wait on the switch to warm up.

Suggestions before I start changing parts?



Is the problem?

  1. The switch is frozen and won’t move.
  2. The switch works but the lights don’t come on

In either case, there is probably water (ice) somewhere it shouldn’t be.

  1. Water in the switch
  2. Water in the relay

If the switch is moving but the lights won’t come on, I’d check for a headlight relay problem.

What made you ask about this now, in the middle of summer?

I’ve had this problem for the past three years, so if it is water in the switch then it can’t escape. I just thought there might be a resistor or something that might be affected by the temp.

It’s summer, and the fingers stay thawed longer.( besides the truck needs to warm up before driving, right?

No the truck does not need to warm up before driving,just take it slow until it warms while driving.

So your telling me to go ahead and drive early in the morning before dark without the lights to help warm up the vehicle?

Your headlight relay is worn out. Not a big deal, it’s a plug in. Find it, get a new one and replace it.