Front wheels have popping sound Mitsubishi Mirage

I’m sure this popping sound coming from both sides of the front wheels is a serious problem because it happened to my dad’s car before. The only thing is that i want to fix it before it gets serious and pops off one day while I’m driving.
When ever i turn, about 95% if not 100% of the time, i would hear the popping sound from one side of the front wheel. I want to know how much it usually takes to fix and if its possible for me to fix it myself with almost no knowledge of fixing cars.

It sounds to me like the outer CV joints are bad. Ordinarily you would replace the entire axle assembly with a remanufactured unit. Replacing axles is not particularly difficult on most cars but if you have “almost no knowledge of fixing cars,” I wouldn’t recommend attempting this job yourself. That said, you can always buy a repair manual for your car, read the procedure and decide for yourself if you wish to attempt the repair. Make sure you have the right tools and equipment to complete the job.

Jack up your car and inspect the rubber boots protecting the CV-joints on the half-shafts (front drive shafts) chances are you will find one or more of them torn open, exposing the delicate joints to the elements…rebuilt half-shafts are available for most cars…

CV joints are an excellent candidate, but ball joints or tie rod ends are also possibilities.

Either way, it’s not possible for you to fix it with almost no knowledge of fixing cars (and I assume almost no tools as well). You need to take this to a reputable shop.

Kudos for wanting to get this fixed. Problems of this sort left unadressed can and do manifest themselves as serious sudden failures.

My experience with the Mitsubushi is that you will need to disconnect something, either the tie rods or the strut and that may affect your alignment. It might not be a good idea for your first DYI experience. If you have a friend to help that has some experience, then go for it.

I would recommend new axles instead of reman. My preference is for EMPI, usually available at Otherwise find a local dealer. These are way cheaper than OEM, only a few dollars more than remans. I have had nothing but trouble with remans and I do not recommend them.

Advance Auto Parts also carries a new axle from GSM that is almost as good as the EMPI but a little less expensive, about the same as a reman.

Could be a a bad wheel bearing. They start out simply making a loud roaring noise, but usually when they get in extremely bad condition they will start making a popping or grinding sound that is more noticeable during turns/curves.

lol so much for wanting to fix myself, doubt it could happen. erm how much if i go to a shop? just an estimate.

about $800 for both axles.

i just wonder so i can learn from my mistake/experience.
whats the reason that the axis break?
the only 3 reason i could think of is the 3 bad habits i have…
-turning too fast like half the time
-over turning when im parking, meaning i would turn the wheel and id hit the end because i dont keep track of how many turns i already turned

  • lastly, POTHOLES! i mostly go through them on accident and because i forget where they are when i go on old routes and 2ndly the light ones like for example corrupted roads and my wheels would back and forth and i dont slow down. (sorry for run-ons)
    then there are big potholes that i accidently go on too while going fast too.