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Front turn signal not a bulb

90 f super duty 7.3 na symptoms: no front left turn signal, in fact no power in the wire behind the socket. Ground checks, running light comes on, rear turn signal works.
Its got a dump bed, a freshly rebuilt at, nice tires and I have a spare motor, so it’s worth it;)
I was going to piggy back off the rear line, but realized it would light up on breaking. I’m wondering if I need to check a relay before trying to piggy back in at the firewall pass through or column. (is there an easy way to find the right wire past the column connector?)


No easy way without a wiring diagram. Stop by the Ford dealership’s parts department and they might be willing to print one for you. Whereas it.s a 1990, it’s a 50:50 chance, but it’s worth asking.

Solved: jiggly hazard switch… Just called someone that had been driving longer than I have, just like the truck;) He mentioned he drove a lot of old jeeps, lol…