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Front rotor removal for 2005 acura rsx

I wondering if anyone knows if the hub needs to be removed to remove the rotor. It seems like it should slip over the hub with a little help.

They often are difficult to remove due to rust. Give it a little help with a mallet or sledge and it should pop right off.

I’ve not looked at that specific rotor, but every Honda I’ve ever worked on has had 2 holes in the hat of the rotor. You put 2 bolts in those holes and turn them until the rotor pops off. Note that, of course, the rotor screws should be removed before doing this :wink:

I like it! Thanks a lot.

Yes, it was a bit rusty. I’ll try this again. Thanks.

It’s helped me before to pull it off a bit (like 1/4"), push it back on, clean with either a solvent or lightly with sandpaper, and pull again. If they’re really bad, it may take a few times.