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Front hose pipe and film inside car

I have a 1991 Toyota Camry Dx with 143,000 miles and a lot of work. I had the heater core replaced about 11 thou miles ago. I now smell coolant (I think) and get a film inside windshield. There seems to be no leak but I am wondering if there is something wrong with the exhaust. I had the front hose pipe changed due to a rattle (three mechanics told me to change front hose pipe.) I still have the rattle, I smell exhaust when I start the car (if I am outside at the front) and I have a bronchial cough each night. I have taken it back to the guy who repplaced the pipe and of course he can’t hear the noise. The coolant pressure is fine, there are no leaks, it is not old coolant, but something is going on. Maybe two problems?

Is this the manifold gasket?

I don’t know whether to dump the car or what. I think the tranny is also going but that’s another story. I need to breathe.

That sounds like the heater core again.

I think it is the heater core again but no one else seems to think so. I don’t want to spend an unnecessary 800 clams for another, especially since Toyota can’t even find a leak. One mechanice told me there are drains on the passenger and driver’s side which might be cloggged with collant and that this might be the problem. Whaddya think??

Have you checked your radiator and radiator hoses? I had a hairline crack in my radiator which weeped coolant and when the coolant contacted the radiator fins it boiled off and was sucked into the inside of the car.

Had an identical problem with a brand new 2008 Subaru Impreza a couple weeks ago as far as the film on the windshield goes. The entire heater box had to be replaced because it had some kind of defect in the plastic that was used to make it. Not sure that this is happening with your vehicle but just figured I would throw it out there and maybe it can lead you to your problem if you tell a mechanic.