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Front end pull

My 2002 MINI has always had very slight “pull” to the left at town speeds–10-40mph. Attempted remedies have been:

1. front-end alignment; 2. Frame checked (OK); 3. New tires/rotation. 4. Replaced left front strut; 5. Checked for caliper drag when replacing front brake pads and rotors (rotors badly worn before pads in 50k miles). There is no noticeable “pull” or drift at highway speeds. What should I do next?

As you pick up speed, the front end geometry changes due to drag on the tires. This could simply be a compromise in the front end design, the engineer thought a little pull at low speeds was better than a little pull at high speeds.

You might have a slightly weaker rubber bushing in the trailing link on one side than the other, but that usually shows up at the higher speeds, not lower.

Could be a wheel bearing.