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Front end problems

Hi, I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana that seems to have a neverending front end problem. I will make a long story short, a mechanic test driving my car crashed it about a year ago. The impact was to the drivers side tire. Everything was replaced from the shaft out, including a new rack. Since then I have replace the hub bearings 3 times the outer tie rod 3 times, and the inner tie rod 3 times on the drivers side. I have also replaced the hub bearings, and the outer tie rods on the passenger side 3 times. Recently the cv shft boot tore on the passenger side and I replaced that shaft. Everything seemed fine the all the sudden i am getting a clicking noise while in motion. they say nothings wrong. Now when i am stopping i get a noise that sounds like the rivets on brake pads are digging into the rotor, checked it and pads are fine, also makes the noise while turningto the left I suspect it is the wheel bearing but a friend says it sounds like the gears in the transmission where the cv shaft goes are bad… Anyone with any ideas???

Also, what could cause all the problems whith the hubs and tierods on a continual basis?

Yeah, it sounds like another bad wheel bearing.

Have you taken this thing to a good front-end shop and had them check out the geometry? I think you have a real caster problem or something just really isn’t aligned right and that’s putting unnecessary stress on that wheel. That’s the only way I can see those parts on that side failing like that.

Was there any frame damage to the van? Was it ever checked for any?

Can a failure with any of the parts replaced be identified? (except for the torn boot)

What it sounds like is you have been continusly complaining about the repair to your front end,to satisfy you some shop has been replacing parts on the insurance companys dollar. Now everything you hear on the car is related to the accident.

I could be all wrong,post back what was wrong with all these hubs and tie rod ends.
I have a suspicion it is a “noise” issue.

The impact to the van was on the drivers side. The idiot who test drove it pulled an illegal U turn into oncomming traffic. the car that hit it was a little dodge neon. It hit the tire and pulled everything out… Everything and anything that had to do with suspension was replaced on that side. new rack, cv shaft control arm strut,ect… you name it , its all new (about 1 year now)…

hubs are growling, tie rods were worn, I saw them move the tires and show me… Believe me i was suspicous at first but when i tell them to show me, they show me.

They are replacing them but not on the insurance companys dollar… its mine… the parts are under warranty so they just change them out. the collision shop wont accept any blame nor will they admit to any problems. The insurance company has a rep right inside the shop so even if i called them they would just direct it to him.

As for it being a noise issue, believe me i wish it was. This new “noise” i am getting doesnt sound like the bearings that went bad before. its louder and groans and grinds when i turn left (meaning pass side making noise) when i am going straighti hear it but not as bad, when i go right the noise dissapears.

I do need new strut mounts (bushings bearings) whatever they call them these days but i dont think that would cause all the problems.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

The collision shop told me there was some “scoring” on the frame but would know more when they put all the parts in. Other than that i dont knwo it was checked other than visually.

You need to take it somewhere else and have it checked out. Smells to me like you’re getting the runaround.