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Front end clicking noise on 2003 Honda Civic Si

I have a 2003 Honda Civic Si with a clicking noise that appears to be emanating from the front passenger side. It appears to be “rotational” in nature. This noise is very similar to that one might hear when a CV joint is going out but it’s heard when going forward. My mechanic (whom I trust) has been unable to fix this problem. Over the course of approximately 4 months they’ve: 1. Repacked the wheel bearings on both front wheels. 2. Replaced the strut mount 3. Replaced the carrier bearing with a used one. 4. Verified that all brakes are tight and working properly, and 5. Replaced the axle 4 times with both new and rebuilt versions.

Some things I’ve noticed: 1. The noise might not appear until the car is warmed up a bit, that is, driven 10 to 20 miles 2. It goes away when I apply the brakes but comes back immediately. 3. It occurs even when the engine is turned off and I’m coasting down a slight slope.

My mechanic is unsure how to proceed and the noise is driving me crazy. Moreover, I have no idea whether this symptomatic of a more serious mechanical problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

“It goes away when I apply the brakes but comes back immediately.”

Make sure all the brake pad hardware is installed correctly. Pad(s) may be loose enough click.

I would suspect a failing CV joint, possibly the inner CV joint on the passenger side of the car.

“Repacked the wheel bearings”

You can’t repack the wheel bearings on your vehicle as these wheel bearings are sealed.

Have them replace the wheel bearing or bearing/hub assembly.