Front bumper

I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix. As you know the front bumpers nearly touch the ground. I have taken it in for some side bumper damage and thought I may as well get the front fixed from the times Ive hit curbs etc. As the adjuster was examining it she told me the clips? that hold it on underneath were broken off on both sides (it is in 3 sections.) Then she told me a lady had hers replaced four times. My questions is: Wouldnt the company be responsible to pay for replacing them? The estimate was very high and after paying for the car I have little to repair it.

“Wouldnt the company be responsible to pay for replacing them?”

By “company”, I am assuming that you mean Toyota. If I am interpreting your post correctly, the clips that hold the bumper (or is it the bumper cover?) have broken off as a result of hitting curbs or other objects. That sounds like collision damage to me.

You MIGHT have had a chance of getting that part replaced during the period of your bumper-to-bumper warranty, but once that warranty ended, Toyota had no warranty responsibility on anything other then the things covered by the other warranties (powertrain, emissions, rust-through) on the car. But, please note that I did say that this part might have been covered. Any evidence of collision damage (scrapes, paint damage) would mean that the manufacturer has no responsibility for that part, simply because vehicle warranties always state that the manufacturer has no responsibility for collision damage.

I can understand having this type of damage once, or perhaps twice, but if you have repeatedly hit the bumper on curbs or other objects, this indicates that you need to modify your driving behavior in light of the design of the car. Some other vehicles (Accords come to mind) have bumpers or chassis crossmembers that do not clear curbs, and it is necessary for the owners of those vehicles to exercise more caution than they might with other models. I think that you need to do the same.