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Front Brakes

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van and due to my own stupidness have let my front brakes go to long without replacement. So I am going to have new rotors and pads put on the front. I have the parts but have little to no ability to do the work myself. So I know of a couple places near me that will install the items and just charge me labor. My question is what would be a fair cost for this labor, about how long should it take and besides new pads and rotor’s is there anything else I need to take to them.

Don’t beat yourself up, todays rotors almost always have to be replaced when the pads are so you just got the maximum use of what you had. You should also have the brakes flushed so that you have new brake fluid through out the brake system. All together, I would expect about 2 hours labor unless the vehicle has captive rotors like Honda’s have, then the cost jumps.

At 11 years old, there is the possibility that you might need new calipers. That will add about $100 each so be prepared, you might get lucky though. The costs are just estimates, there are a lot of variables.

I am hoping they are not that bad, I think new rotors and pads will do the trick as I also have to have rear shocks put on soon also so am trying to do what I can with a limited budget.