Front brakes on current g30

Hi there, looking to save money and replace brake pads, rotors and possibly bearings on my 3\4 ton van. Not sure what I need to order to have a successful repair? Thanks. I also need to replace idler and pitman arm but have never seen it done, any links to videos would be greatly appreciated.

You probablly could find a Haynes manual for your vehicule if you google it.

On this van, the rotor and hub are one unit

A new rotor will come with the inner- and outer bearing races already pressed in

So in addition to the rotors and brake pads, you should also buy front wheel seals and new cotter pins. It’s quite likely the old bearings are in good shape, but you won’t know until you’ve thoroughly cleaned them.

How are you set up for tools . . . do you have a pitman arm and a remover and tie rod end popper?

This tool set should handle the job of removing the pitman and idler. There are generic versions available for less money, if you think you’ll only need them once

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You’re going to need to clean/repack the wheel bearings with grease.

Here’s the bearing packer I use.

Install the bearing and pack it with grease with a grease gun

When you install the rotors and tighten the spindle nuts, the bearings need to be preloaded. This is done by spinning the rotors by hand while tightening the spindle nuts. Once the spindle nuts are tight, back them off about a 1/4 turn and install locking cap and cotter pin

To replace the pitman arm is going to require a pitman arm puller.

You have to make sure that the puller can fit between the pitman arm and the steering gear. Some pullers are too thick to do this. That’s why I have four different styles for this reason.

You can also use the pitman arm puller to separate the idler arm from the drag link.

I forgot. You’ll also need a grease seal puller to remove the grease seals if you plan on reusing the old bearings.