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From Stick Shift to Automatic Trannsmission

I was a stick shift use for the past 32 years. Now I have a automatic transmission. I will I wear out my auto transmission if I keep moving out of gear into neutral at stops?

Everything will wear out if you use it often enough but most people would say no. When the transmission was built or designed or even both, that part of it was not given great consideration. If it was a main consideration, maybe an automatic transmission would not even have been built. I don’t feel that advising you either way is necessary. Just do whatever you think suits your personality. If you ever get tired of pressing the gas pedal and hearing the engine rev up in neutral, then realizing your mistake, putting it in gear before the engine gets back to idle speed; I think that your personality will change. It isn’t the method, it’s the execution that matters.

Damage to the car? very minimal if any. However it is time to learn to drive auto. There is no reason at all to do it and it takes just another second or two to get back into gear to drive off when the light changes.

It’s time to change your habits. You bought an automatic, let it do its job. Leave the transmission in gear at stops. Shifting to neutral is not necessary, and will not save any gas.

When you shift an automatic transmission from neutral into gear, the whole drivetrain takes a jolt. Although the drivetrain is designed to withstand this jolt repeatedly for many years, doing this more than necessary will accelerate wear and lead to premature failure. So if your car has an automatic transmission, stop doing this and just leave it in gear.

If you can’t modify your behavior, go back to a manual transmission.

Whitey is at least 99% correct. I’m glad you finally woke up and got an automatic.

The reason I bought an automatic trans my wife does not know how to use a manual trans. I would be still driving a manual. I will have to change my habits.

I’m Surprised You’re Not Asking How To Stop Pushing In The Clutch Pedal That’s Not There!

I made that transition when automatics started using lock-up torque convertors. I too, drove manuals for a long time. I have no desire to switch back. It’s too hard to drink coffee.

been there, done that and stopped…after 50 years with manual trans and with RAV’s no longer manual I moved to auto…had no problem with my left foot… it was the need to shift…if you are a quick learner then if you shift into neutral and then you rev the engine and shift when the light is changing, like we did with a manual, you will quickly realize why you leave it in drive.