Friend with a trans? Issue 2002 Accord

I just got done talking/driving with a good friend of mine, she has a 2002 Honda Accord 2dr coupe 4-cyl with only 55,000 miles on it. She is having an issue when the car “bumps” AFTER (not while) coming to a stop… In other words, driving around a parking lot for example… You go, and when you go to stop EVERYTHING IS NORMAL… HOWEVER, about 3-5 seconds AFTER a full stop you feel a “bump”… It kind of feels like you were hit in the back slightly by another car… It is very noticeable, and happens every time you stop the car. I dont think its the TQ lockup as we are not going fast enough (maybe 10mph) in the parking lot to have the TQ lock… Also the RPM’s do not change during all of this. She has been told by one mechanic that she needs a new trans, but the trans shifts fine otherwise (she may have bad motor mount as well as a side note)… This car has been well taken care of, the trans fluid is clean and does not smell burnt… Any ideas as to what it can be other then the whole trans??

If the car is driven to purposely make the “clunk” when stopping next to someone who is paying attention to the car they may notice a slight shifting of the body’s height or pitch or a fore/aft shift as the noise occurs. Often cars tip nose down when coming to a stop and once stopped they settle back to level.

No the car is not being driven hard, in fact it is being driven very softly and slowly.coming to a stop like any one would normally.

Sounds like the tranny is taking some time to fully engage 1st gear… After you stop it then takes a while to “find” or engage 1st gear…thats the bump you feel. Transman is lurking out here…he can tell you what the issue is.

Could be as simple as the 1 -2 shift solenoid getting tired or old and it doesnt shift to the 1st gear position as smoothly or as fast as it used to do. Most of the auto trannys on my Hondas have all had those external shift solenoids…they fail all the time… Might be the issue…an ez fix if thats what it turns out to be.


Has it been scanned yet?? Have a real trans guy look at it, NOT just some mechanic. Dont take it to any large chain type transmission shop either. Honda transmissions have so many different issues. I would start by scanning it for codes then monitor items such as the TPS and especially the VSS in your case.