Frequency of starting a car

What’s the longest amount of time you can leave a car without starting it, and still have it start when you need it to?

Depends on the car. I had an old 80’s Mitsubishi truck with no electronics - not even a radio. Only used it for gardening stuff. That thing would sit outside all winter and start right up in the spring.

A modern car? Sometimes only a couple-three weeks. There’s a lot of stuff in today’s cars that drain the battery.

If you’re worried, get a battery maintainer. Shouldn’t cost much more than 50 bucks. It’ll keep the battery charged until you’re ready to use it again.


If you don’t park in reach of an electrical outlet (like on a city street) get a 10 watt solar charger and sit it on the dashboard.
Message me if you want more details & suggestions.

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Thanks for the information

But see the other discussion on this to see if you need a new plug in or not. I’ve had a car discharge in 3 days sitting at the airport with the trunk light on and going a month or so with no problem.

It’s been a month for me, going to try starting it tomorrow

So if it starts you will have the answer for your vehicle.