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2005 Chrysler 300 - Leaving a vehicle for a long time

I’ve read that if you leave your auto idle, as in a airport car park for 4-5 weeks, it may not start due to an automatic shutdown by a computer.
My ‘05 Chrysler 300, which I don’t drive very often, currently only 60k miles total, will not start after 2-3 weeks of inactivity. Something seems to be draining the battery. But, checking the battery after jumping it off shows the Cold Crank Amp checklists exactly as the battery rating. By starting it and driving for a few miles every week, all is fine.
Now the battery is 5 years old, with a 72 month rating. What’s up?

If the battery has a low state of charge it can go dead in two weeks. Jump starting and driving a few miles will not recharge the battery, you need to use a battery charger or drive for several hours. With your limited amount of driving the battery’s state of charge may be less that 20%. A fully charged battery should be able to start the engine after 8 weeks of storage.

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