1991 Honda Civic

I only drive about 7,000 miles a year. How often do I need to change my oil?

What ever it says in the owner’s manual. Note: that will be something like every 5,000 miles or every six months, which ever comes first.

Remember that that recommendation is for the specified oil type. If for example it says use 5W30 Synthetic and you use a conventional oil, that could be rather bad for your car. If it says nothing about synthetic and use use a good synthetic, you might get a little better mileage, but I would not recommend extending oil changes.

The most important thing is to avoid any quick oil change place They are well known for a number of problems.

With that kind of mileage, 2 oil changes, spring and fall would be fine. Use 5W30 regular oil and you will get long life at a very economical cost.

I think every 3,500 miles would be good for someone in your position.

My opinion would be based on how those miles are put on.
A bunch of 2-5 mile hops would mean every 3 months. If the car gets a lot of that mileage on the highway on fewer jaunts then I’d say a couple of times a year.