Freon leaking?

My son put freon in the car I just bought from him about a year ago. It only lasted about 2 weeks or less.

Should I look for leaks, or consinder that it froze up and just quit working. I have no idea where to start looking!

Thanks, Julie

Oh yah, look for leaks.
on a car that age ( you didn’t say what age, but it’s a Contour ) o-rings can leak just because.
Get a dye loaded freon for him to put in again, so you can find the leaks.
Better yet, replace all the o-rings at every hose connection anyway.

Did the compressor actually bind up ?
With the a/c cued to be on, does the compressor not turn and the engine dies ? Or is it just not cold at all ?

Don’t overlook leaks at the service ports espically soon after having a hose hooked to thelow side. Get a hold of an electronic leak detector to “sniff” with.