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France to have all Electric vehicles by 2040

France may force all cars driven/sold in their country to be totally electric by 2040. This could help speedup electric cars production.

Yeah yeah yeah. Reminds me of that old saying about French engineers. “French engineers copy no one and no one copies French engineers”. Personally I like IC engines. I wonder if they’ll outlaw IC boats there too or maybe they don’t use boats in France. I gotta feeling we’re going to hear of lots of weird stuff coming out of France in the next few years like regulating cows like in Denmark.

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Hybrids are OK, just not vehicles with ICE only propulsion.

Frankly, I find it repulsive that a government has seen fit to encroach on yet another bit of the individual’s sovereignty and liberty! I’m a grown man; I don’t need a mommy, daddy, nurse or nanny–and I get PO’d when the State attempts to co-opt one of those roles for me. I might OWN an e-car if the numbers make sense, but I abhor the thought of being FORCED to own one; as if my desires as a sovereign being are irrelevant, like a child.

The “parent/child” relationship, with the government co-opting the role of “parent,” is morally repugnant.


France isn’t forcing anyone to buy anything. They’re simply proposing creating restrictions on one type of vehicle; one using an ICE.

Our own country, the U.S., has volumes of restrictions on what we can drive. And the states add volumes of their own. The French proposed restriction is no less overbearing than many of ours.

Will it work? I have my doubts. But I also realize that I’m filtering the information through my “American Perspective” and the view of the French might be entirely different.

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This speaks volumes and plus 1 to Meanjoe’s post. That’s why some of us have become totally fed up with the boys and girls in DC. Oh I forgot, in DC now you can register as an “X” and not either a boy or girl.

Comrade Bing


Here’s something about driving in France I just recently discovered. Every car on the road to be legal has to have not just one, but two breathalysers in the car. And every car has to carry enough reflective jackets for all passengers. And must carry two reflective triangles. Oh, the jackets and triangles must be in the passenger compartment, not the trunk … lol

I’d never experienced that in a cab anyway. They do spend a lot of time drinking wine at the sidewalk cafes though so maybe that’s why.

I can’t figure out why they’d need to have two breathalyzers. I can see one perhaps, just to be on the safe side, but why two? That’s a puzzle. I’m guessing the reason the vests and triangles can’t be in the trunk is b/c if the vehicle gets hit from behind the trunk might not open.

I predict a steep rise in the price of used cars by 2040 in France.

Well I have to carry at least one life preserver for each passenger in my boat, 2 breathylizers, when 1 is not enough I guess. I do not mind the reflective vests, if your car breaks down along the road and you have to walk, a fine bit of inexpensive safety. We still have people with no lights on their bikes wearing dark clothing, sure it is the law you need lights after dusk, but rarely enforced my guess.

I have to say it seems a little inconvenient to have to carry 5 vests and 2 triangles inside the passenger compartment with everybody when driving the family to church. But maybe they have a storage system.

We may be unfairly judging France’s requirements based on our own environment. Our country is comparatively huge, very spread out and populated with comparatively very low density. Pedestrian safety in motor vehicle design is considered extremely important to the French, but perhaps if our typical traffic/pedestrian density were as great as France’s we’d feel the same way. Few areas of our country have the same problems that most of France does.

Note in comparing the below population density maps that the keys are different, however I believe it shows a dramatic difference in average population density across each country.

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So you’re saying you have the RIGHT to buy a new car with no safety or emission standards what-so-ever?

I don’t believe I said anything of the kind, but maybe the Great and Powerful Oz can help you with that strawman of yours…