Fram Sure Drain


Whatever happened to the Sure Drain? Fram doesn’t even show it on their website anymore. I bought a used pickup last year that still had free oil changes so for about 2 years I wasn’t in the market for it. I got a Frontier in May to save gas and have not been able to find the Sure Drain. What gives?


Familiar products disappear all the time. The manufacturer never explains. Could it be slow sales? Lawsuit? Patent infringement? EPA violation? They’ll never tell. Simply gone forever. Poof.

I still miss Wildroot Cream Oil.


Well. i havent looked lately, but I know Walmart does or did carry them.

I’ve beeen using Fumotovalves for about the last 30 years on all my vehicles. Very handy ittle gadget

Heres their link


Steve F, you must be an old bugger if you remember Wildroot. I remember it too and miss it; also I remember Hadacol, brylcreem, and when you bought fuel pump kits. LEE