Forgot this when I did my brakes, essential?

Hi all,

I replaced by calipers, rotors, and pads yesterday. I noticed I forgot this piece. How essentialsfsf is it?

That’s the brake pad retaining clip.

Those hold the brake pads to the caliper brackets.

Without them the brake pads will rattle.


I thought that’s what these were? I didn’t forget them AC_US160

That is the wear indicator, it rubs on the rotor to make a noise when the brake pads have worn to 1 mm.

Then it appears RockAuto has them labeled wrong.,2005,ion,2.2l+l4,1431623,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+pad+retaining+clip,12737


Ok so I don’t have to rush out to my car to put them in? New pads, ceramic, so obviously not a huge issue. I can put them in next weekend when I do my drum shoes then bleed the brake lines and put new in.

That should be OK.

That’s good. BTW I’m new here. This forum seems awesome. Go to most DIY sites with a question and it’s usually not populated enough to even get one reply in 24 hours. This took 30 minutes. Think I’ll stick around

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Yeah the brake wear indicator. The theory is when the pads wear down enough that little clip causes a high pitched squeal when you put the brakes on so you know the pads are worn. To be truthful, I’ve never been able to hear the dang things so it wouldn’t matter to me. Just have to remember to check the pads once in a while like when you rotate tires.

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Brake wear indicators are riveted to one or more brake pads. Those sure look like retaining clips to me.

It is NOT the brake pad wear indicator, I believe they are the anti-rattle clips and they are essential to long pad life. No immediate danger but you do want to put them back in ASAP.

Yeah good point, my bad. It’s been a while since I did brakes but yeah the wear indicator is riveted. So I think its a good idea to open it up again and put them in. Wouldn’t be the first time-that’s how we learn, and it always goes faster the second time.

The brake pads wear indicator goes on the leading edge of the inboard pad in the location shown below. It does not go in the caliper bracket slot.


You sure they aren’t break pad indicators? I had nothing bolted to the pads as I’ve seen before. I noticed the old ones were longer, and also not bolted to the pad.

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Yeah, the spot on the break is exactly where the old one was