Foreign cars in foreign lands #2

We lived in New Zealand last year and purchased a used VW Sharan (not a choice below) van (imported to NZ from Japan, interesting story there, too). About once a week I would get up to find all of the electric windows down about 4 or 5 inches, which was not good when it rained (often). No one was vandalizing the car. Did the southern hemisphere coriolis forces make the window motors run at night or what??

It was probably the poor quality German elactrics. I would guess that this vehicle was made by Volkswagen (in Thailand, China or other country) for export to Japan and when it reached 10 years of age, when the Japanese government virtually forces owners to rebuild their cars, it as exported to New Zealand because of the right hand drive. Many of these vehicles, selling for about $300 wholesale, end up in Malysia, and other ex-British Commonwealth countries.

The corioles effect has nothing to do with the windowns. Poor quality and/or incompetent maintenance and repair are likely the causes.

Does the key fob have a door unlock button, that, if held down for a while, rolls down the windows, too?