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Ford ZX3 Rear Turn Signal Brake Light Issue

I have a 2000 ford zx3. My rear side brake lights and turn signal lights do not work. The light will come on if i turn on the external night lights but will still not signal bright for brake or flash bright for turning. My front and side amber lights both flash for turn signal and hazard warning. My center hatch lift gate brake light will signal bright when i brake. Any idea about a fuse or what it would be. Thanks in advance.


If the front turn signal lights work and the rear don’t, my guess would be burnt out bulbs or a bad ground connection.

Look in the fuse panel around the dash area (perhaps at one end or the other or down under the dash on the sidewall.

Under the hood there should be another fuse/relay box (usually close to the battery). The top cover will designate ‘fuse or relay’.

Both these fuse panel/box covers have the location of each fuse (and designated usage on the inside cover.

Note: when replacing fuses, ensure the new one you put in actually works.

Thanks for the help checked the fuses no dice since the lights seemed to work i did not think to replace them. Turns out those things are one bulb with two lights in them and they both were burned out for half of the light. So i replaced them from a local parts store and everything works now. Thanks for the reply Roadrunner.

Glad to help.

Thanks for posting a result, too many posters don’t, leaving us wondering if we helped/were correct or not.