Rear lights wont turn on

when i turn on my lights, only the high beams cut on and the rear wont. the brake lights work and so do the turn signals. i checked all of the fuses and they are good. Any suggestions?

The rear running lights are a seperate circuit than the brake/turn signal circuit. If the front running lights are working then you need to check for a break in the connection to the rear running lights. Most likely a bad terminal connection running under the floor but it could be in the dash or rear area also. Having a factory wiring diagram and a test light probe to check power with will help you find the trouble quickly.

Could this have happen when the shop install a new engine in my car

Why do so many leave out such important information. If the lights worked before the engine was changed and not after, then it seems very likely that they messed something up while changing out the engine.

I’m on my way back to the shop now. They are saying that it’s not there fault. We will see won’t we

Are you sure they aren’t saying that it’s not their fault instead? That would make more sense.

i just left there and they are saying that they didnt touch the wiring and that the lights worked when i picked it up. which i think is a lie. i never tried the lights until it got dark and thats when i found out the issue