No brake, turn, or hazards in rear, all fuses are good

So my dash turn indicator light flashes really fast (sometimes), and I have no brake lights (no left, no right, no high mount center), no rear hazard lights, and no rear signal lights. I do have tail lights. Fuses are good. What could be the problem?

2001 Ford F-350, 7.3L Powerstroke.

Sounds to me like a bad ground someplace. Check the wiring. Try to trace it with a meter.

Did you check fuse #13-20amp in the central junction box? It’s located on the drivers side under the dash kick panel.

Are all the lights that are not working, on the trunk so they move if you open the trunk? If so I would be looking for a bad ground or a problem with the wires that go from the trunk to the rest of the car. It could be nothing more than a loose connection.

I agree with Willey about checking fuse 13. The fuse ties power to the areas you mention. When you check the fuse also verify that power is getting to that fuse using a test light probe or meter. If you don’t have power there then check fuse 13 in the panel under the hood and make sure power is getting through it. If you find a bad fuse and another one blows out check the trailer harness for trouble.