Ford Van Got Gremlins

1994 Ford E150 5.0L
we found 2 more problems

  1. No Signal to the Fuel Injectors
  2. Blows a 50 AMP Fuse every time the Power Windows are used

The power window blown fuse seems the easier of the two problems. It is likely caused by a short circuit in the wiring somewhere from the battery to the power window circuit, or a faulty window motor. Someone who knows how to read the car’s wiring diagram and operate an ohm-meter could likely figure it out quickly. The first thing to determine: Is it only one window that blows the fuse, or using any of the windows blow the fuse?

I have no experience with your make/model, but the fuel injector signal comes from the on-board computer I imagine. Maybe the fuse which powers it is blown too? That’d be the first place I’d check.