Ford Taurus

We have a 2001 Ford Taurus SES with 150,000 miles on it. The Ford dealer said it needs a new transmission. We are trying to decide whether or not to get a new transmission or junk the car. We have 2 more payments on it.

Step #1. Stop at a local independent transmission shop. See what they say. While I would not bet on it, you may find that the transmission you have does not really need to be replaced. Even if it does, I suspect that they can take care of the problem for far less than the dealer would charge.

With two payments left, just think of how good it will feel not to make that payment in three months and know that the money you were paying every month can now stay in your pocket.

Agree with Joseph; most dealers do not know how to overhaul or fix a transmission. The independent shop I patronize does overhaul work for the nearby Volkswagen dealer! And they do it at a competitve preice; the VW dealer’s customer just pays the dealer a higher marked-up price!

An independent shop can give you a close estimate of the repairs required. The age and mileage of your car is low enough to allow you to drive it for another 5 years WITH NO PAYMENTS!

Good luck!

A Ford reman trans ( called FQR at dealers ) will have a 3 year 100.000 mile nationwide waranty and is only $2100.00 The overall condion of the rest of the car would dictate whether to repair or not. Generaly speakin and IMHO I would fix it and keep it.