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Ford Taurus Won't Start

My 2001 Ford Taurus won’t start at times. It began last winter and the mechanic said it was a frozen fuel line. Ever since it would run fine and then I drive somewhere and turn it off for a short time and it won’t start. Sometimes it will start if it sits for a hour or so, sometimes it won’t start for a week or more. The battery is new and it grinds but won’t start. The last mechanic did an electronic diagnosis but couldn’t find anything wrong.

Who are these mechanics, and where do they work? Dealership? Independent? National chain shop? We need to know.

A frozen fuel line will prevent an engine from starting, but only when the ambient temperature is below freezing. Is it below freezing, now, where you live?

How many miles on this Taurus, and what’s the maintenance history of this car? Have you followed the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule? Oil changes, spark plugs, transmission service, fuel filter, etc. Have these things all been done according to the schedule?

How do you get around if the car won’t start for a week or more?

The mechanic was independent garage.

I realize the temperature indications. I live in Washington DC.

My car has 33,000 miles and I have been following the prescribed maintanence schedule. The last thing I had done was have the oil changed.

I live in the city so I have been walking or taking public transportation.

When it doesn’t start, what does it do? Does it crank at the normal rate? When you say, “grind”, do you mean the normal sound of cranking (but, not starting)?
Have you sprayed Starting Fluid, or similar product, into the engine intake while the engine is cranking? And, what happened, if you did?

Could be a failing fuel pump or fuel pump relay.
Can you hear the 2 second pump noise from the tank when you turn the key to ON (before cranking)? Have you got an engine error code light on the dash?

You may get a better response at the Taurus site