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Ford still stalling

I have a 95 Taurus, 3.8 liter engine. It stalls when it idles. On the road it runs well, no missing, no hesitation, etc. When I stop for a light, or when idling it stalls.

I have changed the spark plugs and wires, the air filter, the idle air control valve. It continues to stall whan idling.

What’s next?

Have your fuel pressure tested. If it’s within range then replace your fuel filter.

Change the fuel filter either way. If you change it and the pressure is still low then look at a new fuel pump (tho this should show up while driving along).

You changed the IAC, but did you test the circuit for the IAC? Check that it is getting consistent and correct power supply. Did you make sure that the passages were clear of carbon before putting the new one on?

Will it idle when you first start it up? If so, how? Smoothly? Rough? Surging up and down?

Is the stalling at all associated with the brakes? I.e. will it idle without the brake applied? If so, what happens if you step on the brake?

If you have an O/D Off button use it and see if it still stalls. If no button, leave it in 3 instead of D and see what happens.