Ford’s new Maverick

The new Maverick pickup is on the Ford website.
I think this might compete with the Ranger rather than attract new buyers from other brands other than the Hyundai.

If I didn’t need a tow vehicle, I would take the Ranger. But others would go with the hybrid Maverick.

Not a well worded post, but you get my drift.

What does Ford see in the near future for the automobile market? Possibly higher fuel prices and increasing loan finance rates?

I guess there will never be a new pickup that is made that I want . I don’t need or want a 4 passenger truck. I don’t want one I have use a step ladder to wash the top . I want a 6 foot bed . I would even like it to be front wheel drive .

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Both the Ranger and Colorado are available in two door extended cabs, though they have back seats, are better just for groceries.
Ranger does say 6 foot box, Chevy only says “long box”.
I agree, exteriors on full size pickups have grown too much. Wish I had my dad’s 46 Chevy!

Here’s the Ranger with the 6’ bed. $27,000, but good luck finding one at a dealer:

As per Consumer Reports:

The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick is the first-ever pickup truck to come standard as a hybrid. The base powertrain is a 191-hp, 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder linked to a continuously variable transmission and front-wheel drive.
This combination is claimed to deliver 40 mpg in the city and allows a total range per tank of 500 miles, according to Ford. For more power, there is an available 250-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with an eight-speed automatic and 4,000-pound tow capacity. It is available in front- and all-wheel drive. This small crewcab pickup has just a 4.5-foot bed. Three trims, plus an off-road package, allow this truck to span from thrifty, basic truck to a powerful, well-equipped model. The Maverick comes with FCW and AEB. BSW, rear cross traffic alert, and other systems are available.

$19,995 - $29,880

Saw a scruffy ranger at store with a white haired lady smoking a long cig sitting in the handicap zone. Guess she wanted to finish it. Since we can’t smoke in stores.

Perfect for those weekend antique quests. Maybe not as a working truck.

The Ranger supercab will be the choice for those who want/need the bed space, the Maverick will probably do the job for many but before the market went nuts you could buy a base F150 with a hitch as the only option for about the same as a basic Ranger after discounts and rebates.

I think the Maverick is going to be a hit in the market. Plain and simple.

FWD, based on the Escape and Bronco Sport. Short bed but with a cool half-down tailgate feature that will support a 4x8 sheet of plywood. 2000lb tow for all versions, 4000 lbs with the tow package and the non-hybrid. AND a $20K price.


Yep, Ford’s biggest problem with all their new trucks is making them fast enough.

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Maybe I am jaundiced, never though the maverick was a great car and to re badge the name to a truck seems ridiculous to me. Lost in time I suppose.


The Ranger is barely smaller than the F-150, which leaves me to wonder who the market is meant to be for. The new Jeep truck is what I would consider a small truck in today’s market. I’d give it a good considering if it weren’t for the pricing on it reaches full sized truck prices. I think the Maverick will fill the small truck niche just fine.

My 93 Ranger was definitely not near an f150

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Sorry, I meant the new Ranger, not the older models.

Sorry 03 Ranger

You might be surprised, it’s about 218" long, longer than a regular cab F150 (209"). The Maverick is 200", the Ranger 211".

More than likely, most of the folks who would buy the new Maverick truck have no memory of the earlier iteration of the Maverick name.

When GM decided to market its new Chevy Citation in 1980, most likely very few people associated that model name with the ill-fated Edsel, which had previously used that model name.


You are correct. I thought it looked smaller in height compared to the F150, but the specs for both are very similar. Comparing the Jeep Renegade to the f-150, looking at their specs, they’re close to each other in sizes, it must just be my eyes that thought it was smaller than it is.

It’s not just you I had a maverick and in my opinion it fits the original definition of the word.

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